Exclusive Shelby Speedster Arrives in South Africa

Shelby South Africa is applying the finishing touches to a bespoke Shelby Speedster with the first South African customer expected to take delivery this month. The Shelby Speedster represents the pinnacle of exclusivity for the Shelby brand with production limited to 98 units for the American market and 25 units for other markets – including three Shelby Speedsters set to arrive in South Africa.

“The Speedster is unlike anything we’ve built before,” says Peter Lindenberg, CEO, Shelby South Africa. “Being able to get our hands on one of these from such a limited number is a real honour and wouldn’t have been possible were it not for the excellent work that our team has been producing.

“We have seen the overwhelmingly positive response to our Shelby vehicles at events like the recent Knysna Hillclimb. Unique halo models such as the Speedster will continue to push us forward and highlight all aspects of Shelby South Africa. It has been 10 years since founder Carroll Shelby passed away and this feels like the greatest tribute we could have asked for,” concludes Lindenberg.

The new local Speedster owner, who prefers not to be named, can’t wait to take delivery of her limited-edition Shelby. “The men in my family are car crazy and I wanted something of my own to have some fun with. The Shelby brand has been top-of-mind for me since the film Ford vs Ferrari was released and the Shelby Speedster is such a unique and special convertible to enjoy on the beautiful Cape roads.”

The Shelby Speedster transforms a Mustang Convertible into a two-seater roadster with a hard top tonneau system that can be removed within minutes. The Speedster’s presence is also amplified by a widebody aero kit that serves a functional purpose of accommodating the wider tyres that give the car its menacing stance.

Underneath the Speedster’s eye-catching design live a number of performance and handling upgrades that closely mimic the latest version of the Shelby Super Snake. Central to this is Ford’s 5.0-litre V8 which receives a Whipple supercharger for an output in the region of 615kW. This translates into a scintillating 0-100km/h time of 3.5 seconds. Complementing this level of performance are upgrades to the car’s cooling system as well as a track-focused braking system from Brembo with calipers painted in red for added visual effect.

The Speedster’s interior carries a performance slant thanks to additional gauges used for monitoring boost pressure as well as other vital under-hood temperatures. Carrying this look further into the cabin are special floor mats and door sills, both branded with Shelby Speedster lettering. Each Speedster worldwide will be branded with a unique Carroll Shelby Mustang (CSM) number that will be included in the official Shelby Registry. This sign of authenticity is proudly displayed on the dashboard.

“The Shelby Speedster represents the next evolution for the Shelby brand,” says Doreen Mashinini, General Manager, Marketing at Ford South Africa “The bold design has already received lots of attention from muscle car enthusiasts who want open-top motoring combined with the sound of a supercharged V8. We’re excited to welcome the exclusive Shelby Speedster into the country,” says Mashinini.