Heavy rainfalls experienced across KwaDukuza Municipality

The inclement weather conditions over the weekend, up till Monday, 11 April 2022, have increased the risk of localized flooding across KwaDukuza.

The latest Level Five weather warning from the South African weather Services (SAWS) indicated that heavy rainfall will continue today late into the night. Residents are urged to exercise utmost caution when travelling, and preferably delay travel arrangements.

We have several low-lying bridges that are flooding, and residence are urged to keep away from these facilities as there have been a number of vehicles and people reported to have been washed off.

Residents based in low-lying areas are urged to seek shelter on higher ground as severe rainfalls are expected to cause localized flooding.

The ongoing heavy rains come at a time when the ground is saturated from the weekends rain which has further increased the risk of flooding in low-lying areas, bridges, and areas with poor stormwater disposal.

Our local Disaster Management teams are on the ground to assist affected communities and they will be working around the clock to ensure that everybody receives aid.

To ensure that there’s food security and shelter to the affected people, KwaDukuza will:

  • Available all municipal facilities for utilization (Including KwaDukuza Community Halls) as temporary shelter for those who have been displaced. Temporary accommodation arrangements can be made with the Ward Councillors.
  • Temporary relief will be provided to affected residents (Food parcels, blankets, and mattress)
  • The municipal management team and disaster teams will be available on a 24-hour service. Calls may be logged with the Municipal call Centre for emergencies. Residents that require assistance may contact our teams on the following contact numbers: Community Safety & Emergency Call Centre: 032 946 2711 or 060 714 3764, Electricity Call Centre: 060 900 3908 or 032 437 5077. Residents are also encouraged to contact the local Ward Councillors to report instances of flooding in their areas.
  • All Budget, IDP & PMS roadshows have been suspended for the course of this week.

“We will continue to engage other stakeholders to come on board to ensure the supply of food and aid. We wish to thank the KwaDukuza team, IPSS Medical Search and Rescue, volunteers, and all stakeholders who this afternoon, rescued three people at the Nonoti River after their vehicles was washed away on a low-lying road. It is during these times where we mostly need one another – to unite in the spirit of saving lives”, said the Mayor of KwaDukuza, Lindile Nhaca.