Talent Is The Key Factor In a Businesses’ Success

Behind every successful business is a team of staff members committed to its success. But how do you go about building that team and finding the right people for the right job? But also, at the right time and cost?

For the first time, the population of skilled workers is decreasing in many of the world’s largest economies, with predictions of a continued decrease throughout the 21st century. With talent becoming scarcer, talent acquisition rises to the top of the list for many business owners and CEOs. “In a climate where the talent pool is shrinking, recruitment is taking considerably longer than in the past,” explains Wiebka Cooper, Head of Operations for CareerJunction. “The ability to connect you to the right people for the right job – and at the right time and cost – will help you fill vital roles within every level of your business”.

One way in which leading online recruitment platforms are able to connect recruiters to the right people is through specialised automated tools. These tools enable you to source candidates, assess the suitability of their profile to the job vacancy, create shortlists, schedule interviews, and keep candidates updated throughout the process. This sophisticated recruitment technology mediates the oftentimes lengthy operation of finding the ideal candidate for your business.

A caveat that often comes with recruitment is the cost. Finding a recruiter that can provide businesses with expert candidates at a more-than-reasonable price is rare, but not impossible. With that being said, it can be hard to put a price on certain placements. Let’s use a logistics company as an example: If they can’t move stock out of a warehouse because they have no driver, in this instance, a driver would be more valuable than a CEO, thus the business would do everything they can to find a suitable driver as quickly as possible at any (reasonable) cost. By working directly with us, organisations save a considerable amount on recruitment.

Furthermore, businesses desperate to fill a role will often do so with the first available candidate. This candidate may check a few basic boxes but ultimately not turn out to be an ideal fit for the team. Using the help of experienced resources to find the right person can be the difference between solving a problem and exacerbating it. To get the right person, you not only need to know how they’ll fit into the organisation up front, but also the competencies they bring to the team and organisation.

“We are committed to giving you the right price for the right candidate. There is nothing more frustrating than a quick, but unsuitable hire in the hopes of gaining a return on your investment. We truly believe that you should “get what you pay for” and that’s exactly what we do for clients,” says Cooper.

Recruitment is, and should be seen as, an exciting opportunity to diversify your organisation and steer it towards success with a team as dedicated and aligned to your goals as you are. “At CareerJunction, our aim is to create an environment in which sourcing the right talent is the end goal. We believe in finding talent that not only fits an organisation’s required skills but places an emphasis on talent being the key reason it thrives,” concludes Cooper.