TAS launches first of its kind all access offering

South Africa’s most trusted study guides are now ALL available via e-book under one affordable licence fee.

Learners across the country have returned to school for the second term, homework has started, and some lunch box lids have already been lost. The Answer Series range of study guides has been South Africa’s education companion for more than 46 years, assisting and instilling confidence in learners and teachers alike and awakening their potential to achieve better results.

In the past some parents have had to choose which study guide to buy. Now, for an accessible fee, their children will be able to access every guide in The Answer Series Library on any device.

New all-access licence

“Everything in education had to flip towards the digital over the last two years,” says George Eadie, the CEO of The Answer Series. “Digital solutions provide new products, new business models and different consumption possibilities. Through our all-access offering, learners and teachers can benefit from more than one or two of our popular sellers – they can access all the other books too.”

Eadie is constantly looking at ways to increase the assistance he can provide for South Africa’s learners and teachers. “We are also developing a curated layer of multimedia content for our books, starting with mathematics in Grade 12. Using this digital content alongside the study guides is most seamless in an e-book.”

Learners and teachers will now be able access the books from anywhere and on multiple devices. While many learners still love the physical books, having all your books at the ready at home and in class is sometimes tricky. Teachers can project or cast exercises and explanations onto screens during lessons, and learners can access their own copy via the free Snapplify e-reader on their personal device.

The cost of an all-access licence, in 2022, for Grade 10 to 12 is R499 per annum or R79 month-to-month; for Grade 9 learners it is R219 per annum or R35 month-to-month; and for the Grade 8 learners the cost is R90 per annum or R20 month-to-month. 

The new all-access licence opens up the possibility for schools to adopt The Answer Series at even more attractive volume-based pricing, with less administration as the e-books can be centrally controlled through the Snapplify platform, Engage.

This could bring the advantage that The Answer Series offers to a far wider range of learners. As Eadie says: “A learner that achieves an A in a highly supportive environment, with access to the best materials, is often the equivalent to someone achieving a D in a resourcescarce environment. This offering is designed to promote access so that as many learners as possible can have the materials that the most resourced learners are getting. Covid deepened levels of inequality in education, but, if we work together, digital solutions like this one can work to reverse this.