JessicaJane Launches Her Effortlessly Summer Range

We are granted almost limitless opportunities to express ourselves through fashion, yet nothing compares to the undeniable feeling of beauty that an outfit that truly fits who you are gives you. Jessica Molebatsi – fashion designer and founder of the JessicaJane label – believes that every outfit should be an opportunity for the world to discover us as we want to be. That every woman deserves to feel as comfortable as she does beautiful and her latest summer range is a celebration of that beauty and the power of the feminine form. 

 In her latest range which is made to fit each client, Jessica was inspired to distil the feeling of elegance that we find in Venetian and Parisian summer fashion. The result is a range that is as light as a summer breeze with a presence that can carry the most regal of women.  

“I got my inspiration where I always do – the women who wear my clothes. I want to be their greatest friend and ally and create clothing that takes everything they wished their clothes make them feel – and brings it to life. ” 

A welcome break from relaxed denim shorts, t-shirts and the colours of summers past, Jessica’s latest collection swirls with comfortable sophistication. She achieves a wonderful balance between feminine elegance and soft playfulness with her subtle use of satins and delicate cotton voile. Her use of iconic summery cotton and muted patterns dance with her deliberate cuts to create the perfect summer smoothness.

Her favourite element of this collection is the dreamy cream satin and the super-soft floral print that just sigh with luxury.

“I think with summer fashion, we want to rejoice in the feeling of happiness and warmth and lightness, and I think nothing feels quite as light and happy as voile”

Her favourite is the full cream satin suit. Classy yet comfortable and strikingly understated. Other statement pieces include the floral super soft satin pants with the floral super soft satin crop. This outfit is incredibly comfortable, and doesn’t even require ironing! Making it the perfect pocket-sized travel companion. 

The best garments allow us to say something about ourselves. Assembling your wardrobe is a meaningful exercise where we literally wear our hearts on our sleeves. And our hearts are full of life and love for this collection.