Keeping any wild animal without a legal permit is illegal

Time after time, we express our concerns and the complications of having a wild animal as a pet. Keeping any wild animal without a legal permit is illegal.

The conditions these animals are kept in are appalling. Even those who are kept with a permit. We talk about the wild animals we find on inspections and received as complaints.

We conducted an inspection on a property in Roodewal. On the property, the person kept dogs, pigs, poultry, and a Jackal. We found the jackal running in an area where the owner also kept some of her dogs.

The jackal was very frustrated and showed signs of behaviour problems. The dogs on the other fence kept barking for the jackal and inside the jackal kept running to hide but there is no shelter to protect himself.

The owner explained that she removed him from a farmworker who was keeping him in a small, rusted cage. We are honest but we know the owner lies because the jackal is not afraid of her as when we call her the jackal lays down for belly rubs.

The jackal was removed from the property and will be taken to Johannesburg Wildlife Vet to help her rehabilitate. The owner was issued a warning to not keep any wild animal without a permit and other welfare concerns.

Please we ask you to not keep any wild animal as a pet. They have already been removed from their homes just to be in someone else home.