Lady Zamar re-learns to fall in love with herself on new single ‘colours’

Just weeks after announcing her upcoming studio album, Rainbow, Lady Zamar has wasted no time in giving listeners the next taste from the eagerly anticipated project. The Thembisa-born star has just released her next single the album, a vibrant and vivid new song titled, Colours. On this track, not only does Lady Zamar continue to show off her vocal range, but her musical range too as she showcases a new sound.

Lady Zamar has established herself as not only one of South Africa’s most gifted singer-songwriters, but one of the country’s most versatile, too. Having previously established herself in multiple genres including pop, house and amapiano, she’s now determined to push her musical flexibility even further on the upcoming album Rainbow.

The new single, Colours, is proof, as Lady Zamar steps into the sonic realm of afrobeat. In the new single, which is now available on all streaming platforms countrywide, Yamikani Banda (the singer’s real name) opines about the importance of finding her own identity.

With an atmospheric afrobeat production as the backdrop, Lady Zamar sings about praying for nights on end before finding the space to be truly comfortable as the newest version of herself on Colours. While the first two singles from the album, Castles and Deeper have had romantic themes, Colours is the most independent we’ve heard Lady Zamar sound on the upcoming album so far.

The theme of finding oneself is something she personally lived through in the making of the album. Speaking about healing and growth, she explained that the process of making Rainbow led to her being able to find herself in new ways.

She said, “What a lot of people don’t know is that it’s a really cleansing process. You go through a physical cleansing of your environment and the people around you. As a singer-songwriter, you write based on how you feel. So if the environment and people around you are toxic, the music will come out toxic. SoI underwent a cleansing, I made sure there was the right energy around me so I could truly channel what I want to say on Rainbow. It’s been so empowering because I feel like I’ve taken back my identity.”

As the country kicks off a new month with renewed energy, Lady Zamar’s Colours, is the perfect single to carry listeners through the next season of change. Stream it today on all major streaming platforms.

Lady Zamar is also available for interview opportunities, and you can follow her on social media ahead of the release of her album, Rainbow.