Empowering women to buy cars

The automotive industry has traditionally been seen as male dominated, but get\Worth changing this narrative, its approach has always been to empower women to buy cars by introducing equal opportunity policies and thereby addressing gender equality.

With August being celebrated as Women’s month in South Africa, the company is committed to enhance the role of women in this industry.

Colin Morgan, get\Worth CFO, says women are an important consumer group for the automotive industry. “They have significant influence when it comes to buying a car. We believe that by making women a key part of our strategy, will increase our ability to retain current customers and attract new ones.”

“Women and men don’t shop the same way and a one-size sales approach does not fit all. When women car buyers connect with women on the front-line, satisfaction rates are higher. Women have a softer approach and they have better administrative ability,” he explains.

In a CDK Global study, women influence 85% of vehicle purchasing decisions and buy 65% of new vehicles. Women-Drivers.com also published a report that indicated women’s satisfaction scores with a dealership were higher when dealing with female sales advisors.

The study notes that customer experience is the cornerstone to successful relationships — and that women consultants were rated higher in each part of creating a successful relationship: trustworthiness, being respectful, likable, and understanding.

Morgan says this shows the importance of empowering women, especially in the automotive industry. “If female shoppers prefer to rather shop with women salespeople, they should be able to do so. So we need to take note of these findings and respond by empowering women, especially in frontline dealership roles.”

get\Worth offers a woman-to-woman buying experience, from test drives to walking them through all the features of a vehicle. Currently, the company has a 50/50 gender split throughout the company, including management.

“The new signature showroom in Richmond Business Park, which caters for up to 400 cars under one roof, is also testament to them putting their money where their mouths are. A female interior designer was contracted to design the interior and consulting areas to ensure a more premium, comfortable and convenient experience for customers, including female customers,” he concludes.

Get\Worth invites women to visit its showroom, guaranteeing they will feel comfortable, safe and confident during their car buying, selling or trade-in experience.