Empower your daughter with knowledge and tools to grow her confidence and self-esteem

Empower your daughter with knowledge and tools to grow her confidence and self-esteemat Girl-School

 We all want our daughters to be fierce, strong and passionate, with confidence that burn brighter than their fears.  We want to raise them to be strong women, who live bravely.

In order for us to empower our daughters to become women who will uplift others, love and be loved, we need to equip them with knowledge and tools to grow their confidence and self-esteem and cultivate healthy, powerful habits. 

 The new GIRL-SCHOOL, with franchises popping up across South Africa, is on everyone’s lips and doing just that!

GIRL-SCHOOL offers finishing, etiquette and emotional development courses for girls aged between 17 and 19, and recently spread its once Gauteng-based roots all over the country.  

Built on a firm foundation of Christian values and principles, GIRL SCHOOL has taken South Africa by storm under the leadership of Aletté Winckler.

Aletté is a household name in the development of inner and outer beauty and recently took over from founder Anri van der Linde.

Within 25 Girl-School franchises already planted across South Africa, distinct emphasis is placed on an assortment of topics at the different ages and stages of becoming a lady, namely Girls (7-9 yrs.), Tweens (10-13 yrs.), Teens (14-18 yrs.) and Hello World (17-19 yrs.).

“Whether the household consists of two parents working full-time, a single mom or dad, or just parents who need extra assistance with their precious girls, there’s a GIRL-SCHOOL course to assist at any age. We want to take hands with parents and offer our support in raising a beautiful, kind and authentic generation,” says Aletté.

GIRL-SCHOOL has incredibly skilled teachers who are handpicked for their character and cannot wait to guide young girls in finding their voices and restoring balance to their lives. The GIRL-SCHOOL curriculum combines valuable lessons, values and skills, all age-appropriately crafted to ensure that our life-changing information ideally impacts each age group. 

“We touch on subjects ranging from self-love, body issues, personal grooming and table manner to standing up for yourself against bullies! This is delivered in a fun-filled, safe and happy environment with individual attention to each unique girl!”, Winckler concludes.

With their tools and knowledge, GIRL-SCHOOL will lay a sound foundation that she can confidently build on to ensure that she grows into a happy, healthy, strong and empowered woman: Ready to face and change the world!