Erik Kruger’s new book encourages you to step our of Survival mode and into your power

Dangerous releases Tuesday, 3rd May 
This book could not be more timely given the onslaught of threats and challenges that South Africans are currently facing.

The reality of life is that you cannot escape threats. Threats to your business, your relationships, your potential, your health. In fact, everything you love is being threatened. The question is, what will you do about it? “We are all continuously threatened. This might sound depressing, but in reality, it’s an invitation to become a better version of you”, says Erik Kruger, international speaker and author of the new life-changing book, DANGEROUS, that everyone is currently talking about.

In DANGEROUS, which is available in printed and digital format now, Erik explains the difference between those who are dangerous and those who are not.  How it happens that we become harmless, ineffective against the threats that we are facing, thus ending up in survival mode, withdrawn and fragile.  He explains the three different states you could be existing in at any point of time, being harmless, dangerous or reckless.

DANGEROUS is about taking back control and stepping into your power.  It applies to everyone, from nurses to pastors to parents to CEO’s, entrepreneurs, teachers and couples. We should all be dangerous. We should all act in ways that advance us to overcome the threats that we face. And it just so happens that as we do that, we are also protecting those in our care.